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Vertical Church Changed my Life

1st John says that God is love and apart form Him we cannot know love. When I first came to Vertical Church Families in Crisis Ministries I didn't know anything about love. I desperately wanted to know God.

In the years prior I had experienced drugs and torment. I had picked scabs all over my body and pulled out my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. My addiction had made me unfit to take care of myself and my children. I had just signed away my parental rights for the second time and had a 3 month old baby that I didn't know how I was going to raise. I was hurting. There was no family to help me and nothing I had tried was able to fill the void that had forever existed in me.

But God was always there. As I began to come to church and counseling I began to see God. As I began to read the Bible I could see how His hand had protected me at many times in my past. Most importantly, I developed a relationship with Jesus as my Savior. That the blood that i had shed during my pick sessions was nothing compared to the blood that Jesus had shed on the cross so that I could have a relationship with the Father.

My son is now almost 15 years old. We have never felt alone again!

Thank you Vertical Church Families in Crisis Ministries for showing us God!

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